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About Us


Our company was founded to create as many smiles as we possibly can. We are a network of talented individuals that work together to promote, support and ensure Non-Profits and Charities are as successful as possible. We believe people should share their talents and success  to Create Happiness. 


There are so many people in this world that deserve to smile and our goal is to provide them a smile even on their toughest days! 

We also believe that a simple "Thank you" is underutilized and we want to recognize all of the people that are out there with the same "Create Happiness" mentality. We want to promote the Create Happiness movement and the more people we can get to join the faster we can make this world the place we all know it can be. 

We believe EVERYONE deserves to smile and we are committed to doing our part to make the world a better place one SMILE at a time!

"If Not Us Then Who?

If Not Now Then When?"

~John Lewis

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17 Steere Street Johnston, RI 02919  /  Tel. (800) 975-1761

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